Sugar Isn't Always Sweet


Deceptively tempting flavours hiding a harsh reality...

My final year major project at Edinburgh Napier University – the 'Bettersweet' bakery is a little cabinet of horrors which explores the harsh reality of teenage anxiety and how society sugarcoats this problem. The products within the bakery  tell the story of my findings after researching a small group of 15-18 year old teenagers. This stemmed from a figure I had previously discovered – one in six young people suffer from an anxiety condition. I wanted to find out why it also takes the average person ten years to seek help for their condition. 

From the research questionnaires I handed out, I managed to figure out exactly what I needed to achieve. This was to give examples of what young people worry about, normalise the issue of anxiety to adults and peers so that it perhaps becomes less sensitive, and to reassure young people that they are not alone. I decided to create a bakery as an umbrella for all the pieces to tell the story. The products aim to persuade people to address the problem, shock them by bringing forward the realities, and help young people take action. The bakery is giving a voice to the participants, and telling the story in a critical way. The aesthetic was kept homely, indulgent and sickly sweet on the surface, before revealing the realities that are so hidden today.